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The Men of Nehemiah (MON) serves homeless and incarcerated men with addictive disorders by providing:
  • Residential accommodations
  • Substance abuse treatment through individual, group, and family counseling
  • Life-skills and job placement training
  • Case management
  • An array of other recovery support services
MON is a highly structured recovery program based upon 15 Biblical Principles which embrace the 12-step recovery model. Additionally, MON contains a robust military-style component which provides healthy disciplinary training.

The Men of Nehemiah will commence operations in three cities – Dallas, TX, Fort Worth TX, and New Orleans, LA. These cities are not unlike any other drug or crime infested areas in the United States, but have been selected because of their proximity to current resources and relationships with other service providers. Additionally, MON proposes that full service homeless resource centers will be opened in targeted areas to serve the general homeless population. These centers will provide an array of services including but not limited to weekly/daily community feeding and clothing ministry, worship services, 12-step recovery meetings, medical and mental health services, shower facilities, locker and mail services, and counseling services. These services will allow MON staff an opportunity to offer spiritual aid to transient clients. Each service will be incrementally phased in. The clients of the MON residential treatment program will be supervised and trained to administer the daily center operations. Some MON residential clients will be treated in a rural setting which will allow them to escape surroundings that may adversely affect their recovery. Such an atmosphere is often needed for effective restoration. Men in this setting will engage in therapeutic farm work which will produce food items that can be distributed and sold to further the MON mission and to help with operational cost.

The Men of Nehemiah subscribe to the belief that just as the cycle of evil perpetuates itself generation to generation and via peer influence, likewise Restoration and Revival do so with even greater vehemence. “Restored Men” lead their families, inspire their communities, empower and restore other men, and serve as a witness of HOPE to the world. The Men of Nehemiah wear military-style uniforms that identify them as disciplined and respected individuals. The Men of Nehemiah engage in active outreach activities including an awe inspiring singing and testimonial presentation that allows the community at-large to witness the power of God in these men’s lives. Presentations take place regularly at local churches and other venues. This outreach effort provides an opportunity to reach other suffering men as well as to engage the community.
We endeavor to enlist the support, and cooperation of existing faith-based substance abuse programs in our targeted cities, ultimately bringing them under one operational umbrella, allowing for greater effectiveness in outreach, networking, support and resource procurement.

Evangelize neighborhoods prior to or in conjunction with the opening of a Nehemiah Restoration Project (NRP) center, with information, tent services, feedings, etc. With strategic networking our goal is to enlist support from churches, and other service providers. This serves notice spiritually to an area, and informs hopeless substance abusers and the greater homeless population that want help, that help is here.

To mobilize a group of approximately 100 men, these Men of Nehemiah will be representatives for the entire Nehemiah population. Equipped with transportation, musical instruments, and everything logistically necessary to travel to various churches, prisons, and community events. The goal is to inspire the community with the living proof of the power of God, and to inspire the community into action.

Establish Nehemiah Restoration Centers staffed with God fearing professionals that have eaten the vision, ultimately resulting in an effective operation that can be duplicated.

To achieve sustainable layered funding that will enable NRP to meet all of its objectives, and continue operations.

Use the 650 acre rural ranch to its fullest potential; housing NRP, mass producing of a product that will be determined, animal rearing, retreat facilities for churches, pastors, kid groups etc.

Establish a re-entry curriculum that serves incarcerated men with a history of substance abuse, giving these men a head start while in jail. This component of NRP combines faith based recovery methods, measurable self paced principles studies, and visits by NRP volunteers that partner and disciple these men through their re-entry process. local churches and other venues. This outreach effort provides an opportunity to reach other suffering men as well as to engage the community.
  • The Men of Nehemiah is a Christian Community Service movement designed to rebuild the lives of families that have been torn apart by the vicious onslaught of poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, crime and violence.
  • The Men of Nehemiah’s primary ministry is a comprehensive discipleship and addiction recovery ministry for men, particularly the homeless and incarcerated.
  • The Men of Nehemiah believe that as a man’s life is rebuilt through discipleship he is restored to his God-ordained position as a good Steward of his life, as the Head of his family, as a Leader in his community, as a Minister (servant) to mankind, and as a Witness of Hope to the world.
  • The Men of Nehemiah Discipleship Ministry provides homeless and formerly incarcerated men with residential accommodations, individual discipleship training, addiction treatment including individual, group and family clinical counseling, life-skills and job readiness training, case management, computer literacy training, and an array other recovery support services.
  • The Men of Nehemiah Discipleship Program contains a robust military-style component which provides healthy disciplinary training. Their military-style uniforms identify them as disciplined and respected individuals. They are often referred to as “Soldiers of Christ.”
  • The Men of Nehemiah will initially house and serve 20 men with the expectation of serving a greater number as God allows.
  • The Men of Nehemiah provide daily community clean up in their neighborhood.
  • The Men of Nehemiah provides a weekly Worship Service for the homeless at Rehoboth Church located directly adjacent to the their office.
  • During weekly Worship Services for the homeless The Men of Nehemiah train and manage volunteer groups from various churches to serve meals and distribute clothes to the homeless and hungry.
  • The Men of Nehemiah travel to churches, prisons and other venues as a singing male chorus; sharing their testimonies and witnessing of the power of God in their lives.
Just as the old testament prophet Nehemiah was inspired of God to rebuild the wall surrounding Jerusalem thereby securing its restoration, reorganization and rededication, likewise The Men of Nehemiah are inspired and empowered by God to establish a protective wall of recovery around men as God rebuilds, reorganizes, and restores their lives.
Erick D. Blaylock
I was born in Dallas, Texas. I was released from prison January 22, 2009. I spent four and one-half (4½) years serving time for possession of a firearm. My life was very unmanageable. I was raised in a Christian home and I knew God at a very young age. My life took a dramatic change once I took my first drink. Alcohol became my god. God was no longer in my life, I chose a new god who I thought made me complete. I had a constant battle between God and alcohol. I was blind and could not see. Alcohol only gave me jails, institutions and I came close to death five times. I was lost, trapped in a world of nothing but sorrow and pain. Deep down inside God was working with me but I kept fighting against Him because of my addiction. God had to turn everyone against me, even my family, to get me to see that my plan for my life was not His plan. One day I was walking through the cemetery and I asked myself, “Is this where you want to be?” That day I made a decision. I told myself that I cannot continue on this road to hell. Today I am beginning a new life with a new family who believes in me and loves me – no matter the circumstances. Today I want to thank God for my past because if it wasn’t for my past I would not be among the people at the Men of Nehemiah.

Kodjo Z. Vigbedor (Patrick)
I am from Togo, West Africa. I was a slave of alcohol since age 15. I couldn’t control myself or my behavior. When I drank I talked badly to people. From my country to the USA, I couldn’t stop. I drank more in the USA. I lost my jobs and was weak and sick. Sometimes I couldn’t walk and I slept in my car. I lost my wife and friends. Drinking separated me from God. My life became miserable because I was a deacon in my church, and was drinking. Eventually, I could not sleep without drinking. In September, 2009, I lost another job. I became homeless. I thought about killing myself, but one night I had a dream. I was called by God to be a minister. I had the same dream three (3) more times. So I decided to follow Jesus Christ. I still did not have any where to live. I went to my pastor and told him about my drinking problem. The next Sunday he introduced me to Mr. Louis Harrell. They told me that by my faith they could help me through Jesus Christ. Within a week, my life began to change. The Men of Nehemiah ministry is teaching me a lot of things I did not know. I believe that I can count on them to be there for me no matter what. I encourage anyone who is homeless and/or on drugs to contact the Men of Nehemiah. Your life, too, will change and be restored!